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Why Choose Airbrush Makeup For Your Wedding Day?

March 29, 2021

On your big day you want to ensure you look and most importantly FEEL like, in the words of one of my brides, ‘the most perfectly polished version of yourself’. I mean it is one of the biggest and most important of your life, right? So, it is understandable that you will want to achieve a beautifully flawless complexion. Opting for an Airbrush Application is one way to guarantee this, when done correctly, the finish you achieve with this, can really provide you with dreamy skin that we all swoon over on those red-carpet celebrities.

So how do you decide if Airbrush is right for you? Well let me tell you exactly why this little magic wand is the answer to all your Makeup needs.


But let’s first start by diving into what Airbrush Makeup is… Because although growing in popularity, you aren’t alone if you don’t know much about it. To answer simply, airbrushing is a tool that uses the power of compressed air to mist liquid foundation, contour, highlight and blush gently onto your skin by decanting the product into the applicator that sprays the product. There are a variety of brands used for this including Airbase, MAC and Temptu to name a few and there are many formulas to choose from to suit every preference. Whether you love a gorgeous glow, immaculate matte or prefer to use vegan products, there is a product for you.

Now you know exactly what it is, I want to share with you the benefits of choosing Airbrush Makeup over a standard application (by that I mean liquid products applied with a brush or sponge). Firstly, Airbrush makeup lasts ALL DAY! Yes, you read that right… On your wedding day, you most certainly do not want to waste your precious time being stuck in the bathroom touching up your base where foundation has gradually worn. Most brands Airbrush Makeup performs incredibly well with most brands promising up to an 18-hour wear because usually they are silicone-based meaning not only do they last longer but they are more water-resistant allowing for those tears, hugging and kissing that inevitably come as part of the wedding day.


Like the name implies this form of application gives your skin an Airbrushed appearance. The product leaves the applicator in micro-fine pieces which sit on top of the skin like a veil, meaning it tends not to cling to dryness and blemishes and allows for a more even and smoother application. The artist will have complete control of how much product they apply so if you are someone who prefers a no-makeup makeup or if there are certain areas of the face that require a fuller coverage, the artist can apply to those specific areas of need rather than causing unnecessary wastage of the product. That being said, it is also super simple to layer the product as it dries quite quickly, so if you would prefer to opt for a fuller coverage this can be done without creating an uncomfortable, cakey finish. Overall, this means that whilst you’re in the spotlight all day, you are going to look fabulous in person and on camera.

Airbrush Makeup is ideal for those brides who want to ensure their Makeup is going to last without needing touching up throughout the day, for those who want a smooth, flawless finish and for those who want something that is comfortable and lightweight. Most Makeup Artists will provide you with the choice of whether you would like to have Airbrush or a standard application, if you are still unsure if it is for you, why not do a test run at your Makeup trial? This is the perfect opportunity to know how it works, experience how it feels and see how it looks. Your Makeup Artist will be able to provide you with advice and answers to any questions you may have surrounding this form of Makeup Application. Ultimately, your wedding day is a very special occasion and you deserve to feel incredible and experience an outstanding service.

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Never have I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day and all thanks to Stephanie! From wedding shows and fairs to my trial run, to the big day itself! I was instantly put at ease by Stephanie, such a friendly kind hearted lady with some incredible talent and patience! Myself and my bridal party looked and felt amazing and I can’t thank you enough! You can’t put a price on that feeling! We will all be using in the future for that million dollar look and feel for any occasion! I didn’t just get an amazing makeup artist, I got a friend too.

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I was lucky enough to have Stephanie do my make up for my wedding day. Even though my wedding was restricted to 15 people, Stephanie still made me feel super special and it felt like the big wedding I had always dreamed off. She is super professional, clean and follows COVID restrictions to a T. She did the most amazing job with my make up, and I have to say it is even better than I could have ever imagined it to be. Stephanie is incredibly nice - she did my mums make up as well the bridesmaids and all they could talk about was how nice and easy it was to get along with Stephanie and how amazing our make up was. I could not recommend Stephanie enough - do not hesitate to book her.


I was lucky enough to have Stephanie do both mine and my bridesmaids make up, along with my mums and mother-in-laws. All the way through from the trial to the big day, she made me feel so at ease. I left it completely up to her with colours etc and all I can say is WOW! What an Incredible make up artist she is, a long with being such a lovely person to have around to keep you calm on your special day. Thank you Stephanie, you truly are the best in what you do.


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