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How to design a wedding that is as unique as you!

July 20, 2020


A friend within the wedding industry once told me that the best way to break down the planning of your wedding, was to consider it as a puzzle. You have to start with the four corners which are the essentials and can include your venue, dresses/ suits, photographer and florist for example, then you can continue to fill in the rest of the puzzle with the extra pieces that will bring your dream wedding to life such as Hair and Makeup artist, Venue stylist, Magician etc. I thought this was such a perfect way for a bride and groom to break it down in their mind and allow couples to visualise each essential pillar and then build from that foundation until they create their perfect picture.

Still, with Pinterest Boards becoming a must have for couples, shelves full of glossy magazines at hand to flick through and the hashtag #weddinginspiration being seen by over 20 million users on Instagram, it is no wonder planning a wedding can seem a little daunting. Everyone wants to create something that wows all their guests and of course, something that shows off their individuality and feels personal to them but most don’t know where to start when they’re being inundated and influenced with beautiful images, themes and latest trends.

It all starts with a venue… once you have made the all-important decision, you will have a better understanding of the style you and your partner are wanting to bring to the day because everything from then on, will predominantly be based around where you have chosen to get married.  


Whether you’re a relaxed boho bride, getting wed in a rustic, countryside barn, channelling your inner Kate Moss, wearing a deliciously delicate lace dress styled alongside soft, undone waves and a naturally bronzed, dewy skin, or whether you are a more classic bride wanting a venue that oozes elegance and luxury, fantasising about a stunning satin gown and embracing a more glamourous makeup style to compliment a sophisticated low bun, the best place to look for inspiration is within yourself. Let me explain, if you ask any wedding supplier they will tell you the same, we find our inspiration from you and the decisions you’ve made up to that point which showcase your own unique taste.

Whatever definition best describes you, we as industry professionals love to connect with our clients and build a rapport and understanding that will ensure we can create something that not only feels like it turns your concept into a reality and executes your personality flawlessly but also something that will complement the other products and services provided by the other suppliers within your circle which in turn produces a seamless blend of uniqueness and individuality. Believe me when I say, there is the RIGHT supplier out there especially for you, despite their being a huge variety of experts accessible, each bridal boutique, cake designer, makeup artist, photographer and florist (to name a few) will have their own distinctive flair that sets them apart from others.

To share with you a little more on how we do this, I have teamed up with one of my lovely friends and fellow industry creative Rebecca Larner who is a wonderful florist and business owner to The Botany House.


Being a creative child, Rebecca started her journey the way most of us do, at college. After leaving, Rebecca then went on to work in a florist shop however she was bursting to create her own style of floral arrangements, so she took the plunge and went self-employed creating whimsical and romantic designs that she felt reflected her own creativity. She says “I put a piece of my heart and soul into all of my work and that’s something which can’t be taught or replicated. So, I suppose it all started when I learnt that from the wreckage of trial and error and a with trained eye for noticing moments of heavenly harmony, beautiful things can be born.”

Rebecca has learnt to take inspiration not only from her clientele but also from nature and its surroundings which is something that she recommends brides and grooms to do when looking to discover their chosen colour palette for bouquets, dresses and venue styling for example, she says “I love the colour combinations of a good sunset. The way the colours blur into one, like water colour paint on a wet piece of paper, lend themselves so well to the florals I love to create. They also very often have a dash of periwinkle blue which is my all-time favourite colour. Flowers themselves are incredibly good at telling you what colours they go well with by sharing who they have decided to grow next to. The different colours of their petals though are where new magical combinations are often hidden. I love pulling apart flowers to see what colour their inner petals are, especially when they reveal something totally unexpected.”

Speaking as a professional Makeup Artist, I will always ask brides their colour scheme so that I can create a look that flatters and coincides with their overall design. Most often, it is the floral arrangements and bridesmaids’ dresses that provide me with the most insight into which colours to explore and what style we are creating. This is just one way, two quite different suppliers, come together in perfect harmony. But it is not just the colours that inspire, it could be the way the bouquet is formed, and which flowers are chosen that allow us as stylists to have a better insight into the feel of the event.

Rebecca says “My first step is to make sure the flowers are working harmoniously. Even if a bride were to want a bouquet in a completely different colour palette to the rest of her wedding, being consistent on the style will ensure it ties in beautifully with everything else. When I buy for a wedding, I order loads of different varieties, shapes, sizes, shades of flowers so that each floral piece can link in with the next. It’s like a chain so that even if one flower from the bridal bouquet won’t work logistically in a larger installation piece, then another variety will. Working this way helps blend everything together effortlessly. To tie my body of work in with the rest of the elements, I ask my brides a lot of questions! What colours are your bridesmaid’s dresses? Candles? Napkins? Warm toned or cool toned? Rustic and vintage or chic and refined? Getting to know how my couples picture their day is so important when designing the floral scheme. I ask lots of questions and take note of little pieces of information which may seem insignificant, but it can lead to little additions to the flowers making them even more tailored and personal. Most people have memories of flowers. Whether it is how their Grandad loved to tend to his allotment or their Nanny’s terrible gardening skills which meant that only gladioli grew amongst the weeds. Scents of favourite perfumes which remind you of special moments or even if you were lucky enough to receive a bouquet of roses on your first date. Everyone has some relationship or memory of flowers in their life and its these little details I love find out about an incorporate into schemes.”

For us, this is just the beginning of what your team of wedding suppliers will do to ensure your wedding is as unique as you are.

If you would like to find out more about Rebecca you can do so at

Instagram: @thebotanyhouse


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I was lucky enough to have Stephanie do both mine and my bridesmaids make up, along with my mums and mother-in-laws. All the way through from the trial to the big day, she made me feel so at ease. I left it completely up to her with colours etc and all I can say is WOW! What an Incredible make up artist she is, a long with being such a lovely person to have around to keep you calm on your special day. Thank you Stephanie, you truly are the best in what you do.


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