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5 steps to finding the PERFECT Makeup Artist and Hair stylist!

June 4, 2020

“Where do I start?” you say, I hear you! Whether your getting married in the historic city of London or journeying to an idyllic venue in Italy, choosing THE perfect Makeup Artist and/or Hair Stylist for one of the most important days of your life can be difficult to say the least, with a huge variety of professionals at your finger tips, all offering different techniques, styles and skills, it’s no wonder this can become a little overwhelming. Every bride is unique, making this a really personal choice too. That’s why, I’ve put together a little five step guide to help make it a little easier. (Hopefully!)

“Every bride deserves to feel the most beautiful

version of herself on her wedding day”

Firstly, lets dive into what it is you really want? Is it a natural, soft, elegant look accompanied with a modern, effortless chignon? Or maybe a luxurious, Hollywood glam feel showing off a gorgeous red lip and defined waves? Well, when you lose yourself for hours looking through pages upon pages of images on social media including of course, the favourite that is Pinterest, and beautifully presented websites packed with information, it’s essential to look through the artists portfolio as this will give you an insight into the quality and individuality of their work, you will know instantly whether or not that artist can achieve the wedding style you’ve been dreaming of.

Stephanie Alexandra Makeup Artist Oxnead Hall

The next step is to do your research, factors such as budget and recommendations from friends and family can admittedly save time and effort when it comes to this, you shouldn’t let this deter you from looking at what each HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artist) has to offer though, you want to ensure you feel that that particular professional can provide you with a high quality, professional service and I cannot express how essential it is for every bride to feel they have received value for their investment so take the time to read through their testimonials and see how previous clients have felt, if you can put yourself into their shoes and imagine feeling as wonderful as they’ve described, you may have just found the one.

It’s very easy to consider that a Hair stylist and Makeup artist can only provide the service they have been booked for but for lots of artists, particularly those with years of experience under their belts, taking on many more roles than you can imagine, is just part of what they can offer. I can’t tell you how many items I hold in my kit that I do not need to use during the actual service, including straws (often a forgotten item which comes in handy to keep that lippie from budging when your tucking into that bottle of champers), crochet hooks for those teeny buttons that no one can do up after having their fresh manicure done and a sewing kit for those “MY ZIP BROKE” disasters to name a few. Becoming a wedding coordinator for the morning, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible and everyone is where they should be, when they should be, is another role that many artists/ stylists will naturally have to adopt when working with brides, being punctual also will allow you to thoroughly enjoy and soak up every moment, as the old saying goes, time flies when your having fun! So, step three is simply to find someone who can offer you knowledge and experience.

Stephanie Alexandra Makeup Artist

At this point you may have found a few artists/ stylists who have fit with your checklist of must haves, so you email to check their availability… This brings me to another VERY important step, that is step four… (That’s right! I’m not done yet)! On what will be one of the most special days of your life, your going to want to feel that there’s a great connection between you and your chosen professional. It’s completely natural to feel a little anxious on your wedding day, so you’ll want someone who you relate well with. The last thing you need on your day, is someone who you find utterly annoying in your face for an hour believe me, jokes aside, even the best artist is the world, may not be the one for you. You absolutely should feel comfortable, stress-free and at ease from the moment of the artists arrival to the moment you take those final steps towards “I do”. This will also really contribute to the translation of the look you imagined actually being created, there has to be a level of understanding and if there is a block, no matter how many trials take place, you’ll never feel satisfied and no bride should settle for anything less than absolute perfection.

Lastly, you want to find someone who LOVES what they do. Those are the professionals who are absolutely dedicated to ensuring you receive the very best of what they have to offer. Passion will be evident in these artists/ stylists and this will help to ensure trust is built and someone you feel truly happy to share your journey towards your big day with.

“Every experience should be tailored to each bride and every look created be bespoke, making sure you feel the most beautiful version of yourself. This will allow your personality to shine!”

That is why, I am truly passionate about providing my brides with an experience that they can treasure to truly compliment their wedding day and offer them memories that will last a lifetime!

It’s all about making brides feel absolutely amazing on the inside, as when they feel beautiful that will radiate from within, giving a confidence that shines through! (That’s something that even the best highlighter cannot give).

I believe Makeup isn’t a mask but more a tool to enhance your own unique and most favourite features.

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Never have I felt more beautiful than on my wedding day and all thanks to Stephanie! From wedding shows and fairs to my trial run, to the big day itself! I was instantly put at ease by Stephanie, such a friendly kind hearted lady with some incredible talent and patience! Myself and my bridal party looked and felt amazing and I can’t thank you enough! You can’t put a price on that feeling! We will all be using in the future for that million dollar look and feel for any occasion! I didn’t just get an amazing makeup artist, I got a friend too.

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I was lucky enough to have Stephanie do my make up for my wedding day. Even though my wedding was restricted to 15 people, Stephanie still made me feel super special and it felt like the big wedding I had always dreamed off. She is super professional, clean and follows COVID restrictions to a T. She did the most amazing job with my make up, and I have to say it is even better than I could have ever imagined it to be. Stephanie is incredibly nice - she did my mums make up as well the bridesmaids and all they could talk about was how nice and easy it was to get along with Stephanie and how amazing our make up was. I could not recommend Stephanie enough - do not hesitate to book her.


I was lucky enough to have Stephanie do both mine and my bridesmaids make up, along with my mums and mother-in-laws. All the way through from the trial to the big day, she made me feel so at ease. I left it completely up to her with colours etc and all I can say is WOW! What an Incredible make up artist she is, a long with being such a lovely person to have around to keep you calm on your special day. Thank you Stephanie, you truly are the best in what you do.


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